How protected is your organization?

Video Transcript

How protected is your organization against today’s growing and evolving base of cyber risks? For many organizations, the answer remains unknown.

Cybersecurity Rating powered by Bitsight™ measures your security posture and compares it against other companies around the world, to help you understand just how protected you really are, your greatest vulnerabilities, and how AT&T can help you address them.

Unlike other tools that simply examine policies and conduct periodic scans, CyberSecurity Rating provides the most relevant and comprehensive ratings by tracking evidence-based measures of performance. The service continuously monitors thousands of data points related to a wide range of security events and compares them to a select group of risk vectors to determine if your network has been compromised or is vulnerable to an attack. And your current security configurations are constantly measured to identify any gaps in your security defenses. This data is then analyzed to create a daily security posture rating and offer proactive alerts when immediate risks are identified, and the service can help spot intentional or unintentional harmful employee behaviors, by tracking actions such as file sharing and accessing websites.

Rely on AT&T’s data driven insights to help identify your greatest risks. And our breadth of industry leading cybersecurity solutions designed to address them. Engage the industry standard of cybersecurity ratings for your business and take advantage of AT&T’s robust managed security offerings to help keep your rating high! Contact an AT&T Security Representative to learn more.

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