LevelBlue Managed Threat Detection and Response (MTDR) Demo For Financial institutions

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Financial institutions have long been a top target for cyber criminals and as these organizations broaden their digital footprint, their risk profiles change, and their attack surface widens. For businesses, the shift in the way they do business means the need for an array of security products, security specialists, and up-to-date threat intelligence to identify and respond to evolving threats. Financial leaders must think differently about their security and make their digital interaction exceptional to lead the pack of the new fintech landscape. 

Listen to this demo featuring a technical demonstration of LevelBlue's Managed Detection and Response (MTDR) service, powered by award-winning Unified Security Management (USM) platform and LevelBlue Labs™ threat intelligence, and learn how we can help protect your business and your brand with LevelBlue Managed Threat Detection and Response.


Victor Gallegos - Lead Channel Manager, LevelBlue

Haley Mathis - Senior Product Marketing Manager, LevelBlue

Michael Gawel - Senior Application Sales Executive, LevelBlue

Jasdeep Singh Arneja - Technical Sales Consultant, LevelBlue