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Cybersecurity for manufacturing

We serve as a trusted advisor who can take a holistic approach to securing digital and business transformation in manufacturing, helping to make it faster and safer to innovate.

Industry trends

Securing digital transformation in manufacturing

Digital transformation is changing the way organizations address cyber risk

Manufacturing is undergoing a digital industrial revolution called Industry 4.0, enabling new revenue opportunities, improved product quality and more efficient supply chains – and streamlining overall operations. IoT, 5G, and other cutting-edge technologies are creating a connected tech ecosystem to support this transformation . This ‘factory of the future’ requires highly secure networking and connectivity solutions that can meet its demands while protecting the business and consumers.

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Cyber risk strategy and planning

Take on Industry 4.0 with a strategic cybersecurity advisor

cyber risk strategy and planning

How manufacturing is transforming

Manufacturers are tackling Industry 4.0 digital transformation to enhance visibility, predictive maintenance, and improve inventory management.

How cybersecurity fits in

Cyber risk management must be part of the strategy, design, and delivery of any digital or network transformation initiative.

How we can help

Our team can provide cybersecurity strategy, planning, and assessment services to help manufacturers create a blueprint for addressing cyber risk and compliance through digital and business transformation.

Cloud security

Continuously monitor public cloud environments to protect intellectual property and critical assets

How manufacturing is transforming

Manufacturers are connecting to public cloud infrastructure and applications through dedicated internet services to take advantage of the flexibility and scale needed for product and process innovation, such as IoT, digital twins and mixed reality.

How cybersecurity fits in

Manufacturers must assess cloud readiness and risk posture and identify vulnerabilities and cloud configuration errors that could expose intellectual property and other sensitive data to cyber risks.

How we can help

Our team helps manufacturers to address cloud security with cloud security strategy and assessment services as well as threat detection and response solutions for public cloud and SaaS environments.

cloud security

Network security

Protect networks that connect previously air gapped industrial devices

network security

How manufacturing is transforming

Manufacturers are converging previously air-gapped factory environments with the corporate MPLS network to bring data from the factory floor to internal and cloud-based information systems.

How cybersecurity fits in

Manufacturers must provide that only authorized traffic can access factory environment, provide auditing of connections, and prevent threats from entering the industrial network.

How we can help

We help manufacturers to protect mission-critical networks with managed network security solutions including managed firewall services and Global Security Gateway.

IoT security

Safeguard IoT and other connected devices on the factory floor and warehouse

How manufacturing is transforming

During peak online shopping seasons, retailers depend on the performance and availability of e-commerce environments accessed through the IP network. Any disruption to the online shopping experience could lead to abandoned carts and lost revenue.

How cybersecurity fits in

“DDoS attacks happen against eCommerce digital properties every year,” according to Forrester. Retailers must prepare DDoS defenses ahead of time to be able to respond quickly to an attack.

How we can help

We provide DDoS defense and application layer security services to help retailers provide high availability and business continuity during a potential attack.

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Manufacturing: A growing target for cyberattacks


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