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AT&T Global Security Gateway

Web and Internet security for SD-WAN, mobility, and cloud.

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Advanced protection for all of your users, offices, and applications

AT&T Global Security Gateway is a cloud-native security service that can detect and block malicious Internet activity and help you enforce business policies governing user access to the Internet and business applications. As a managed security service from AT&T Cybersecurity, it provides a centralized point of policy and management for Web and Internet security in modern network architectures that include SD-WAN, cloud, and mobility.

As a cloud service, AT&T Global Security Gateway can protect users everywhere – in the office, at home, or on the road – and on any device – desktop, laptop, or mobile. It can also protect access to applications whether they are managed in private data centers or in public cloud.

By scaling in the cloud, AT&T Global Security Gateway improves user experience by removing performance constraints often associated with hardware-based gateway solutions as well as latency associated with backhauling network traffic to central locations where traditional premises-based gateways reside.

Benefits of AT&T Global Security Gateway

A cloud-native approach to Web and Internet security

Provides uniform protection for office, remote, and mobile users

Simplifies management of your network and security posture

Helps to reduce historical CAPEX expenditures and enables more predictable OPEX model

Enables more rapid adoption of SD-WAN, cloud, and mobility

Centralizes policy management and reporting

Deploys quickly

Key features

Rich, full-featured security stack deployed in a scalable, high-performance cloud infrastructure

Destination Reputation

Application Control


Active Content Inspection

Behavior Analysis

SSL Scanning

  • Blocks malicious Web sites
  • Blocks malware downloads
  • Scans SSL traffic
  • Protects against browser and code exploits with active content inspection
  • Managed solution with 24x7 global monitoring
  • Enforces policy for business applications use
  • Blocks malware "phone home" activity
  • Detects zero-day threats with "sandbox" analysis
  • Integrates with enterprise authentication to support user-based policies and reporting

How it works

For all-cloud and hybrid deployments

All-cloud deployment

  • AT&T Global Security Gateway utilizes a network of geographically distributed data centers in the cloud with full Web and Internet security stacks
  • Policy is centrally managed in the cloud
  • Mobile and remote users are protected by endpoint software that directs traffic through AT&T Global Security Gateway
  • AT&T assists with configuration of uCPE or existing firewalls to tunnel Internet traffic through AT&T Global Security Gateway

Hybrid deployment

  • Mobile and remote users are protected by AT&T Global Security Gateway
  • AT&T Premises-Based Firewalls enforce policy directly
  • Policy is centrally managed

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