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AT&T Global Security Gateway

Web and cloud security for today's mobile workforce.

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Unified protection against web-based threats for office and roaming users

Fully managed 24x7 by AT&T Security Network Operations Center

Service options that fit the needs of SMBs to enterprises

Supports cloud and hybrid environments

Benefits of AT&T Global Security Gateway

Accelerate digital transformation with cloud-based web security that helps to:

Protect users against web-based threats, including zero-day*, and restricts what content can be accessed

Enable rapid adoption of SD-WAN and cloud-based applications as well as the ability to provide security for mobile users

Reduce upfront capital expenditure in favor of a more predictable operational expense model

Perform deep packet inspection of encrypted web traffic with minimal effect on network performance*

Provide centralized visibility and reporting across all locations

Allow administrators to grant access to specific cloud-based applications without providing access to the entire network*

Safeguard against data loss and provides the ability to control the use of cloud-based applications*

Empower organizations to quickly scale security to support new locations or acquisitions

*Available options

How It Works

Highly reliable and consistent protection for varied environments

  • Security policies are centrally managed in the cloud through a network of geographically distributed data centers
  • Mobile and remote users are protected by endpoint agents that install upon connection request then direct traffic through the AT&T Global Security Gateway
  • AT&T assists with configuration of existing firewalls to tunnel internet traffic through the AT&T Global Security Gateway
  • Option to have AT&T centrally manage on-premises firewalls

Use cases

Technical cases

Protect mobile and branch office users

This secure web gateway solution supports remote users virtually everywhere they operate in the world. Mobile and branch office employees install endpoint agents upon connection request and then their traffic is routed through the secure web gateway's cloud infrastructure.

Secure SD-WAN connections

Cloud-native secure web gateways work hand-in-glove with SD-WAN architecture. They provide an unimpeded path to highly securing the network edge expanded by SD-WAN by allowing inspection of traffic that connects directly from user to commodity internet.

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Enables migration of applications to the Cloud

This solution provides the means to safely adopt SaaS applications like Office 365 and migrate applications to cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft® Azure, and more. AT&T Global Security Gateway makes it possible to both filter and granularly control access for direct-to-cloud connections.

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Supports M&A and rapid expansion

AT&T Global Security Gateway empowers organizations to quickly scale their security to include new locations or users while applying unified security policies.

Inspection of encrypted traffic

Secure web gateways have the ability to perform deep packet inspection of SSL/TLS traffic to uncover threats hidden by encryption—with minimal effect on performance.

Why choose an AT&T managed solution

Managed services for AT&T Global Security Gateway

Deployment strategy and execution

  • Rapid deployment completed by certified engineers that collaborate with customer on solution architecture and security policy design
  • Testing and troubleshooting of traffic forwarding and security controls

AT&T managed or co-management models

  • With AT&T managed solution, all change requests and troubleshooting support provided by certified cloud operations specialists
  • Co-management provides customers with the flexibility to process changes to security policies, access controls, and firewall rules through self-service portal or request changes to be processed by the AT&T Cloud Operations Team*
  • Ongoing contact between AT&T Cloud Operations Team and technology providers to upgrade and maintain solution
  • Support future service delivery needs including feature turn ups or security architecture updates

Comprehensive visibility

  • Dashboards that provide a consolidated view of customer’s unique environment
  • Detailed drill-downs by location, user, and device
  • Automated or on-demand reporting
  • Ability to share sys log data with AT&T USM Anywhere and integration with AlienApps for unified visibility of events

*Co-management includes six MSS supported change requests

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