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Streamlining Retail Cyber Security

Unified Security Management™ (USM™) helps retailers detect cyber attacks before damage caused by a breach.

Data breaches continue to occur in the retail industry, in spite of the focus on retail cyber security in recent years. Even with specific data privacy requirements like PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) and greater awareness of the need for information security, retailers continue to be targeted.

Retailers face several challenges when attempting to improve their retail cyber security. One of the most significant is the lack of budget to deploy diverse security controls. Smaller retailers usually have the bare minimum: firewalls and anti-virus technologies. These preventative technologies provide limited ability to detect malicious activity within their network.

For retailers, more detection capability is necessary. They need access to more diverse, detection-based security controls to give them broader visibility of malicious activity in their network.

A second challenge is that smaller retailers often also incorrectly assume that because they are not a national or international chain, they are too small to be targeted for attack. Unfortunately, the exact opposite is true—because they are smaller and therefore less likely to have deployed advanced breach detection tools and have large IT teams to monitor those tools, they are actually an easy target. They lack access to enterprise-class technologies like threat intelligence to improve their ability to detect sophisticated cyber attacks.

A third challenge that many retailers face is the misperception that compliance with a standard like PCI DSS means that their networks are secure. Unfortunately, many of the retail networks that suffered data breaches in the last few years have been compliant with industry guidelines or passed audits. Retail IT teams need to monitor their network continuously to detect suspicious or malicious activity before a breach can occur.

AlienVault USM delivers the essential capabilities you need to help you overcome the challenges of retail cyber security. The USM platform is purpose-built to help IT teams with limited resources detect, prioritize, and respond to threats targeting your retail network.

Unifies Essential, Built-in Security Controls

  • Contains the built-in security controls you need to detect, prioritize, and respond to malicious activity in your sensitive cardholder or retail network
  • Single console provides network-wide visibility and configuration of all security controls
  • Eliminates hiring additional staff to deploy, configure, and maintain separate security controls

Acts Like an Extension of Your IT team with Threat Intelligence & Response Guidance

  • Continuous threat research and updates to security controls
  • Response guidance included in every alarm to improve your team’s incident response process

Delivers Continuous Monitoring & Analytics

  • Correlates and analyzes security events from across your network automatically
  • Eliminates manual monitoring and analysis, which can cause you to miss sophisticated threats

Unifies Essential, Built-in Security Controls

You can’t rely on just firewalls and anti-virus to provide needed visibility into your network activity. You need to deploy a range of security controls to detect cyber attacks, because there is no single technology that can detect all of the threats targeting your retail network.

We designed the USM platform to give you detailed insight into malicious activity across your network without breaking your budget. It unifies diverse security controls deployed in the network and on specific systems.

This unified approach overcomes the challenge of lack of resources to deploy, configure, and maintain the diverse controls you need. AlienVault’s focus on ease of use and deployment makes it the perfect fit for IT teams to deploy retail cyber security threat detection capabilities.

AlienVault USM builds in five essential security technologies into the USM platform, all configured and managed from a single console:

  • Asset Discovery
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Behavioral Monitoring
  • SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)

Delivers Continuous Monitoring & Analytics

Many retail organizations lack the resources or understanding of the need to regularly monitor their network and analyze the results. Yet, because of the highly valuable data within your network, you need to continuously monitor your network activity to detect malicious content and behavior.

The enormous volume of security event data generated in real-time by devices and applications across the network can quickly overwhelm any IT organization. Manual analysis of the gigabytes or terabytes of log data for Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) is virtually impossible, yet many retail data security teams have no way to try to link events from across their network.

The AlienVault USM platform solves this problem with its automatic, continuous monitoring and analysis. Its powerful correlation engine links seemingly unrelated events from across your retail network and alerts you to what the most significant threats are in your retail network, right now.

The USM platform contains thousands of pre-built correlation directives that continuously analyze event data to identify potential security threats in your network. USM automatically detects and links behavior patterns found in disparate yet related events generated across different types of assets, putting the critical information you need at your fingertips.

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