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AT&T Cybersecurity for Retail

AT&T Cybersecurity serves as a trusted advisor who can take a holistic approach to securing digital and business transformation in retail, helping to make it faster and safer to innovate.

Industry trends

Securing digital transformation in retail

Digital transformation is changing the way organizations address cyber risk

Retailers are embracing digital transformation to create modern customer experiences online and in stores and to manage operations and logistics in more efficient ways. While these solutions are game changers for retailers, they must be deployed in a thoughtful and considered manner so as not to put sensitive information at risk. Trust and credibility brand traits can help to withstand cyber threats only if businesses invest in cybersecurity as part of digital transformation.

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IoT security

Design highly secure IoT solutions for a smarter supply chain

internet of things security

How retail is transforming

Retailers are beginning to take advantage of IoT and Multi-access Edge Computing powered by LTE and 5G to more effectively manage inventory in stores and in the warehouse to drive up operational efficiency and lower costs.

How cybersecurity fits in

Retailers must protect the growing number of connected devices and networks in the retail environment.

How AT&T Cybersecurity can help

AT&T Cybersecurity provides advanced endpoint and network security services that scale as retailers expand the IT footprint with IoT technologies.

Cloud security

Protect your e-commerce and public cloud environments

How retail is transforming

Retailers are taking advantage of public cloud infrastructure and applications to create virtually seamless customer journeys across online and brick-and-mortar stores in near real time. Cloud-connected kiosks and endless aisles are transforming the retail customer experience.

How cybersecurity fits in

As retailers migrate services and workloads to public cloud environments, it is critical to protect cloud assets and address vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

How AT&T Cybersecurity can help

AT&T Cybersecurity provides cloud security solutions at every stage of the retailer’s cloud journey, from cloud security strategy and assessment services to threat detection and response for public cloud and SaaS environments.

cloud security

Data security and compliance

Work towards continuous compliance with PCI DSS

data security and compliance

How retail is transforming

Point of sale (POS) systems at retail locations collect and transmit sensitive data, including credit card information across corporate MPLS networks and external payment processing networks over the internet.

How cybersecurity fits in

Retailers must handle cardholder data (CDE) in compliance with PCI DSS requirements, including continuous security log monitoring of the environment.

How AT&T Cybersecurity can help

AT&T Cybersecurity can help retailers to simplify and accelerate regulatory compliance efforts with services like PCI DSS assessments, ASV-approved vulnerability scanning, and threat detection and response, helping to address 40+ PCI DSS requirements.

DDoS Defense

Safeguard online shopping experiences against DDoS attacks

How retail is transforming

During peak online shopping seasons, retailers depend on the performance and availability of e-commerce environments accessed through the AT&T IP network. Any disruption to the online shopping experience could lead to abandoned carts and lost revenue.

How cybersecurity fits in

"DDoS attacks happen against eCommerce digital properties every year," according to Forrester. Retailers must prepare DDoS defenses ahead of time to be able to respond quickly to an attack.

How AT&T Cybersecurity can help

AT&T Cybersecurity provides DDoS defense and application layer security services to help retailers provide high availability and business continuity during a potential attack.

DDoS defense

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