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Network security solutions

We serve as a trusted advisor who can take a holistic approach to securing digital and business transformation in networking, helping to make it faster and safer to innovate.

Industry trends

Securing digital transformation in networking

Digital transformation is changing the way organizations address cyber risk

SD-WAN has the potential to help organizations move resources closer to where they are being consumed, empower the IT team to respond and reconfigure quickly, and support new capabilities while helping to reducing management overhead. Many see SD-WAN as key to unlocking a more agile and cost-effective network.

Changes to the enterprise network can disrupt traditional security processes and controls. Thus, as organizations work to virtualize networks, cybersecurity must be considered in planning, implementation, and management.

networking transformation chart

Cyber risk strategy and planning

Develop a cybersecurity strategy as part of an SD WAN initiative

cyber risk strategy and planning

How the network is transforming business

Organizations see many potential benefits in SD-WAN, including increased network resiliency, lower cost, improved management, as well as improved security.

How cybersecurity fits in

To realize the full cybersecurity benefits of SD-WAN, organizations must plan, implement, and assess security controls as part of any SD-WAN solution.

How we can help

We provide strategic consulting services to help organizations to address cyber risk management as an integral part of network transformation.

Network security for multiple network types

Manage multiple network access types to meet bandwidth needs

How the network is transforming business

As organizations grow and add digital and cloud-based applications, the demand for fast and highly reliable internet service at corporate locations increases. Augmenting the MPLS network with broadband and mobile internet solutions can help organizations to meet connectivity needs in cost-effective ways.

How cybersecurity fits in

Each internet circuit represents a vector into the corporate network that requires protection against malware and other cyber threats, including ransomware.

How we can help

We offer managed network security services that can help to centralize protection against web-based attacks while enabling sophisticated network traffic management capabilities over multiple network transport types.

network security for multiple network types

Highly secure remote access to internal apps and data

Manage multiple network access types to meet bandwidth needs

highly secure remote access to internal apps and data

How the network is transforming business

Today, organizations enlist a global workforce of developers and project managers to build business-critical applications. This workforce requires shared access to cloud-based collaboration tools and data. Connecting each location and worker directly to the internet can help to avoid traditional networking limitations that could impede productivity.

How cybersecurity fits in

Organizations must work to provide that sensitive cloud data and applications are accessible only by authorized users through highly secure connections and that the organization maintains records of access and permissions.

How we can help

We managed network security services enable highly secure remote access to internal applications and data in the cloud and on premises. Threat Detection and Response provide continuous security monitoring.

Centralized security policy management

Centralize security policy management across multiple locations

How the network is transforming business

Managing broadband and wireless connections for multiple corporate and branch locations can be a challenge. With SD-WAN, network administrators can centrally visualize and manage multiple internet connections from one pane of glass.

How cybersecurity fits in

Managing security policies across locations and users also requires centralization. Security teams need the ability to centrally monitor security policies and to apply them consistency across users and locations.

How we can help

We managed network security services help to simplify and centralize network security policy enforcement. Unified Endpoint Security services provide centralized device visibility and management.

centralized security policy management

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