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LevelBlue DDoS Defense & LevelBlue Reactive DDoS Defense

Minimize downtime and reduce risk

Prevent distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks before they hurt your business

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Keep ahead of threats

Maintain informed oversight of potential DDoS danger

Monitor the threats

LevelBlue ensures you stay ahead of potential attacks

Go inside the data

Understand the threats so you can prepare the best defense

Protect what’s important

Get protection against the most sophisticated and large-scale attacks

DDoS attack mitigation

Take control to avoid the silent business killer

Get the level of protection you need

Our Cybersecurity brings an unparalleled level of knowledge to keep your data safe and your business moving forward.

Our team comprises seasoned professionals who work at the forefront of cybersecurity advancements.

Combine those skills with our advanced technology and cybercriminals don’t stand a chance of disrupting your work.

Stay safe from the most advanced threats

Cybercrime isn’t static, and criminals are constantly exploring new ways to leverage their tactics to make you pay.

By designing for worst-case scenarios and continuing to evolve cyber defense technologies, our Cybersecurity’s experts can create a strategy that ensures your online assets remain accessible and secure.

Get protection that grows and evolves with you

Your business isn’t static and neither is the threat landscape.

Our Cybersecurity’s approach equips you with features like anomaly detection, packet scrubbing, traffic analysis, and e-mail trap alerts, and wraps you in a defensive shell that can expand and shift as your business does. Stay a step ahead of trouble — wherever your business takes you.

Access knowledgeable help when and where you need it

Our dedicated support team has the insights and experience to overcome your DDoS challenge.

Get the support you require—from leaders in cybersecurity.

If you come under attack simply call to enact the prompt and effective mitigation process that helps stop the attack before it overwhelms your network.

Build your defense based on the threats at hand

Cybersecurity defense should never be simply ‘set and forget’.

With our Cybersecurity you can continuously prepare for the next attack. Our specialized web portal allows you to review details about any previous attacks — or attempted incursions — to identify potential areas that could be fortified.

Toughen your approach before an attack reaches your site

Minimize the impacts of cyberattacks by improving your security posture.

With tactical countermeasures in place can you minimize the impacts of attacks and expedite recovery, reducing the risk to your operations.

LevelBlue provides easy access to alert and mitigation summaries, anomaly reports, traffic information, email trap alerts, and consolidated security information, while our multi-tiered pricing model offers protection to fit your organization’s budget.

Get the level of protection you need

Stay safe from the most advanced threats

Get protection that grows and evolves with you

Access knowledgeable help when and where you need it

Build your defense based on the threats at hand

Toughen your approach before an attack reaches your site

Discover the benefits

Keep your business on track with an approach that effectively counters DDoS attacks

Protect your brand

Down time. Reputational fallout. Building back. DDoS attacks can derail your organization, so stay on the safe side of cyberthreats.

Balance your costs

Studies place the average cost of a DDoS attack at $40,000/hour, and some can go much higher. The cost of staying safe could be the best bargain you’ll encounter.

Remain compliant

If your business sector is regulated, or if you routinely handle sensitive information like medical or financial records, or intellectual property, an effective DDoS defense could be essential for you.

Enhance the user experience

An effective DDoS strategy can help you provide your network users with uninterrupted service or slow response times.


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