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Cybersecurity for finance

Our Cybersecurity serves as a trusted advisor who can take a holistic approach to securing digital and business transformation in finance, helping to make it faster and safer to innovate.

Industry trends

Securing digital transformation in finance

Digital transformation is changing the way organizations address cyber risk

Financial institutions are investing in FinTech to address rising customer and workforce expectations, increased competition, and regulatory pressures. At the same time, these organizations may spend up to 40% of the budget on compliance and cybersecurity.1 By aligning FinTech, networking, and cybersecurity priorities with the help of a strategic and trusted advisor, financial institutions can gain confidence across those investments.

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Cyber risk strategy and planning

Engage a strategic cybersecurity advisor to plan for and navigate digital transformation safely

cyber risk strategy and planning

How finance is transforming

Financial institutions are taking a digital platform approach to modernize services, enabling faster time to market and scale by bridging legacy core systems to new customer-centric FinTech solutions.

How cybersecurity fits in

Financial organizations should engage a strategic trusted advisor who can help to accelerate and simplify cyber risk and compliance goals as the IT and network environment evolves.

How our Cybersecurity can help

Our Cybersecurity strategy and roadmap consulting services can help financial organizations to align cyber risk management with business objectives and prioritize strategic initiatives as the network and business evolve.

Mobile authentication and verification

Work to reduce fraud and secure mobile financial transactions

How finance is transforming

Consumer demand for mobile banking and mobile payment solutions continue to rise. Consumers want a simple and modern mobile experience over Wi-Fi or LTE that doesn’t involve passwords or SMS pins.

How cybersecurity fits in

User password and identity theft persists as major cybersecurity threat vector. Financial organizations must provide for highly secure authentication and verification for mobile transactions to protect against fraud.

How our Cybersecurity can help

With our Authentication and Verification service, financial organizations can help protect against mobile fraud while creating a virtually seamless authentication and verification experience for end customers.

mobile authentication and verification

Network and internet security

Transform the branch experience with highly secure networks and connected devices

network and internet security

How finance is transforming

Financial institutions are transforming branch locations with modern digital signage and kiosks that create interactive LTE and Wi-Fi-enabled experiences for consumers as well as tablets that branch employees can use to better serve customers.

How cybersecurity fits in

Phishing scams and malware attacks are prevalent. Financial organizations should train staff to recognize web and email-based attacks. In addition, organizations must work to secure connected devices and networks from internet threats.

How our Cybersecurity can help

We can help financial organizations to protect branch locations with cybersecurity awareness training for employees, unified endpoint security and managed network security services.

DDoS Defense

Provide reliable and fast online transactions without interruption from cyber threats

How finance is transforming

Today, connected consumers expect near-real-time online transactions at their own convenience, 24X7, and they expect banks, credit card providers, and stockbrokers to provide uninterrupted web services wherever they are in the world.

How cybersecurity fits in

Financial firms are top targets to economically motivated criminals who use DDoS attacks to try to take down websites, resulting in financial loss. Shore up DDoS defenses ahead of a potential attack.

How our Cybersecurity can help

We provide multiple solutions for DDoS defense and application layer security to help financial organizations provide high availability and business continuity during a potential attack.

ddos defense

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