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Plan ahead with the right security strategy and roadmap

Elevating trust within your organization by aligning business and security goals to implement the security strategy that can evolve with your business over time.


What a strategy and roadmap service can achieve for you

Prioritize initiatives

Identify and prioritize strategic initiatives.

Enable virtually seamless operation

Aid in effective implementation and operation of security processes and technologies.

Unified security plan 

Unifying security with business and IT stakeholders on an enterprise-wide security strategy.

Align business with IT

Align security with business objectives.

Maximize ROI 

Help increase return on security investment.

Optimize budgeting 

Allow for proper budgeting of security investments with a defendable prioritization model for implementation of security initiatives.


Implement a cybersecurity plan that evolves with your organization

Security Strategy and Roadmap Services

This service delivers the expert resources, knowledge, and methodologies to assist you in building a complete unified information security program to guide security efforts. It provides a solid foundation built upon risk management principles and works toward achieving compliance.

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Features and Highlights

Understand the key activities within security strategy and roadmap service



Needs analysis and framework establishment We begin by gathering a comprehensive set of internal and external requirements and recommending an appropriate security framework to meet your needs. 
Risk assessment and analysis Our cyberdefense team will then perform a threat assessment, exposure identification and risk assessment to identify IT controls, gaps, and deficiencies with a report of the findings. 
Strategy development In security strategy, we provide the guidance to address the requirements, mitigate risk and minimize exposures with budgeting and a prioritization model. 
Roadmap development Based on the findings, a high-level roadmap is provided to guide the transition to your desired security program along with recommendations of priorities and approximate levels of difficulty and effort. 


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Product Brief

Learn how we help build a complete unified security program that aligns security with business goals (PDF).


Our cybersecurity expert shares the importance of a roadmap to help you prioritize and set the right objectives.



What is the anatomy of a strategy and roadmap engagement?

As a trusted advisor, AT&T assists with expert resources and knowledge to help build a complete strategy and roadmap to guide security efforts for organizations of all sizes. AT&T cybersecurity consulting services utilize best practices and a standardized methodology helping speed deployment of edge-to-edge security solutions in an evolving threat landscape. AT&T consultants work with you to identify steps for effective implementation of key security requirements. With insights into the organization’s business objectives and IT initiatives, the consultants utilize a defense-in-depth approach to apply the best solution fit. Both strategic and tactical capabilities will be applied in the strategy and roadmap engagement using a holistic approach to help improve the security posture of the organization.

What support does a trusted advisor provide?

For AT&T cybersecurity consulting, trusted advisor support is the collaborative approach we use as we work with you to understand your business and help it works to comply with industry standards.

We gather information on your business model, network architecture, and support systems. This information allows us to perform a thorough on-site assessment and, more importantly, helps us provide strategic and tactical advice. During the process, our industry subject matter experts create, implement, and manage policies, procedures, and ongoing user education. In addition, we develop and manage maintenance schedules.

What are the key steps in the security strategy and roadmap services?

The key activities of our security strategy and roadmap services include:

  • Analysis and framework establishment
  • Risk assessment and analysis
  • Strategy and roadmap development
  • Aligning business objectives and IT needs
  • Comprehensive analysis of security requirements
  • Utilize best practices and industry standards
  • Identify controls and remediation opportunities

Which information security framework is utilized in the analysis and framework establishment?

AT&T cybersecurity consulting recommends industry standard frameworks, such as ISO 27002, Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST), and Common Security Framework (CSF), and can customize each engagement to meet specific framework requirements.

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