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Prepare to secure your edge ecosystem

2023 Cybersecurity InsightsTM Report reveals critical trends you need to know.

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What are the common characteristics of edge computing?

Software defined image

Software defined

Private, public, on-premise, or cloud

Data driven image

Data driven

Closer to user creation and consumption

Distributed configuration image

Distributed configuration

Intelligence, networks, and management

The Challenge: securing the edge ecosystem is non-linear, dynamic, and unconventional.

Securing the edge ecosystem diagram

The Opportunity: creating a secure edge computing ecosystem

Changing behaviors reveal new priorities

Balanced investing

Respondents anticipate change and are allocating resources accordingly.

Cross-functional collaboration

Respondents report value in tapping both internal and external ecosystem expertise.

Dynamic cyber resilience

The edge ecosystem requires new thinking. It’s constantly evolving, and legacy thinking won’t solve emerging challenges.

Prepare to secure your edge ecosystem

Computing profile

Define your edge computing profile.

Investment strategy

Develop an investment strategy.

Expand expertise

Collaborate to expand expertise and lower resource cost.

Dynamic response is essential.

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