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Healthcare security and compliance

AlienVault® Unified Security Management™ (USM™) closes the gaps in your healthcare security

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Healthcare providers and insurers are faced with a range of challenges when it comes to healthcare data security. Complex regulations such as the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (i.e. HIPAA Privacy Rule) and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act of 2009, combined with under-resourced IT teams relying on legacy systems and manual processes, can make compliance with these healthcare information security regulations a seemingly endless struggle.

In addition, because the threat landscape is constantly evolving, healthcare IT security teams must keep up with the latest changes to know of any threats targeting their users, applications, or devices that can ultimately lead to ePHI loss.

Unfortunately, many healthcare organizations assume incorrectly that they are too small to be targeted. However, the range of organizations that fell victim to security breaches in healthcare in the last year demonstrates that organizations of any size are targets.

The threats to healthcare data security are not just external--Verizon’s 2016 Data Breach Incident Report describes healthcare as one of the most affected industries by insider and privilege misuse.

AlienVault’s unified approach provides a unique way to address the challenges of healthcare security and compliance. It helps IT teams with limited resources tackle the lack of security controls, manual monitoring process, and lack of threat intelligence.

AlienVault USM delivers the essential capabilities you need to reduce the cost and frustration of meeting regulatory requirements like HIPAA in the US and Data Protection Directive in the EU.

Essential Security Controls

  • Built-in security controls eliminate the need for additional staff to deploy, configure, and maintain separate security controls
  • Single console for configuring and managing all security controls

Continuous Monitoring & Analytics

  • Correlates and analyzes security events automatically
  • Eliminates manual monitoring and analysis

Built-In Threat Intelligence & Response Guidance

  • Continuous threat research and updates to security controls
  • Response guidance included in every alarm to improve incident response process

Essential Security Controls

The first step for organizations to gain better visibility of their network activity is to deploy additional security controls. There is no single technology that will improve healthcare information security.

Instead, it is a range of technologies deployed on the network and on specific devices that will provide the detailed insight into malicious activity and help achieve regulatory compliance. Unfortunately, IT teams often lack the budget or staff to deploy, configure, and maintain the diverse controls they need, leaving sizeable gaps in their security strategy.

AlienVault’s focus on ease of use and deployment makes it the perfect fit for those healthcare organizations with limited budget and few in-house resources.

AlienVault USM builds in five essential security technologies into the USM platform, all configured and managed from a single console:

  • Asset Discovery
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Behavioral Monitoring
  • SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)

Continuous Monitoring and Analytics

Effectively monitoring network activity to detect malicious content and behavior is another essential aspect of healthcare data security, yet many organizations lack the resources to monitor their network and analyze the results.

One obstacle is simply the enormous volume of diverse event data generated in real-time by devices and applications across the network. Manual analysis of the gigabytes of log data for Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) is virtually impossible, yet many healthcare IT teams have no other means with which to try to link events from across the network.

Logs include critical information such as user behavior, data access, system performance, as well as evidence of system compromise and data exfiltration. However, logs vary from system to system or even from version to version on the same system. They are difficult to interpret and are static, fixed points in time, without the full context or sequence of related events.

The AlienVault USM platform solves these problems with its automatic, continuous monitoring and analysis. Its powerful correlation engine is able to link seemingly unrelated events from across your network and tell you what are the most significant threats in your network right now.

The USM platform contains thousands of pre-built correlation directives that continuously analyze event data to identify potential security threats in your network. USM automatically detects and links behavior patterns found in disparate yet related events generated across different types of assets, putting the critical information you need at your fingertips.

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