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Secure web gateway solutions

Achieve the benefits of secure web gateway protection through AT&T Cybersecurity. AT&T Global Security Gateway is a cloud-native secure web gateway service that future-proofs the security of distributed networks and cloud architectures.

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A managed secure web gateway service for today and tomorrow

AT&T Global Security Gateway filters and inspects outbound user traffic to help prevent users from accessing malicious sites or content that is not compliant with corporate policies. It offers protection built in the cloud, for the cloud. Unlike firewalls, secure web gateway services can protect users outside headquarters that are connecting directly to the Internet with minimum latency and maximum affordability.

Offers uniform protection in distributed environments

AT&T Global Security Gateway consistently inspects traffic and applies security content policies no matter where the user operates, or what cloud service they use. Some versions can also help protect users from zero-day malware and botnets, while helping to safeguard the organization from data loss.

Centralizes visibility and control

Security administrators benefit from having a secure web gateway service that centralizes visibility into user and device activity by aggregating information into one dashboard. This provides management of security policies for all users and devices through a single pane of glass, including control over how users access specific cloud-based applications.

Improves network performance

This solution helps to remove performance constraints associated with hardware-based gateway solutions. Cloud-native architecture means never having to backhaul network traffic to centralized locations for the sake of traditional appliance-based filtering. In addition, AT&T Global Security Gateway can help to take the burden of inspecting encrypted web packets away from firewalls, allowing their bandwidth to be dedicated to other inbound network traffic.

Scales quickly and affordably

The cloud-native architecture of AT&T Global Security Gateway enables rapid deployment across many locations simultaneously. Because there are no appliances with this secure web gateway, there's no upfront capital expenditure and no added management burden when adding offices or users.

The essential guide to Secure Web Gateway

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Deployment model

Fully managed, flexible deployment

This solution is a fully managed service backed by the 24x7 oversight of the AT&T Network Operations Center and can support cloud or hybrid network models. In either case, policy can be centrally managed through a single pane of glass. Hybrid deployments make it possible to protect mobile and remote users via a secure web gateway, while utilizing AT&T perimeter-based firewalls to enforce policy directly on premises.


Explore top use cases

Protect mobile and branch office users

This secure web gateway solution supports remote users virtually everywhere they operate in the world. Mobile and branch office employees install endpoint agents upon connection request and then their traffic is routed through the secure web gateway's cloud infrastructure.

Secure SD-WAN connections

Cloud-native secure web gateways work hand-in-glove with SD-WAN architecture. They provide an unimpeded path to highly securing the network edge expanded by SD-WAN by allowing inspection of traffic that connects directly from user to commodity internet.

Enables migration of applications to the Cloud

This solution provides the means to safely adopt SaaS applications like Office 365 and migrate applications to cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft® Azure, and more. AT&T Global Security Gateway makes it possible to both filter and granularly control access for direct-to-cloud connections.

Supports M&A and rapid expansion

AT&T Global Security Gateway empowers organizations to quickly scale their security to include new locations or users while applying unified security policies.

Inspection of encrypted traffic

Secure web gateways have the ability to perform deep packet inspection of SSL/TLS traffic to uncover threats hidden by encryption—with minimal effect on performance.

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