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Cyber Strategy and Risk Services

AT&T Cybersecurity offers consulting and planning services that address the essentials of security with a multi-layered approach.

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AT&T Cybersecurity consultants can help guide your journey to cyber resiliency

Gain a trusted cybersecurity advisor

With AT&T Cybersecurity as your trusted advisor, you can navigate changes in your business and the market with confidence. As a leading provider of networking and cybersecurity solutions, AT&T offers a unique vantage point and expertise in helping organizations to tackle new transformative opportunities with cybersecurity from the start. With consulting engagements like our Cloud security readiness assessment and SD-WAN, AT&T Cybersecurity can help you to be ready for what comes next in your business.

Accelerate cyber risk and compliance goals

With AT&T Cybersecurity you can quickly implement the best security approach that fits your business requirements. AT&T has the experience and expertise with over 1500 security professionals, 8 SOCs worldwide and world-class thought leaders to help you deal with the convoluted and fragmented security environment and compliance requirements in your organization’s current landscape. AT&T will work with your team to properly identify the correct compliance framework, regulations and technology solutions to achieve a successful security program.

Align cyber risk to business goals

With AT&T Cybersecurity, you can help reduce your cybersecurity burden and maintain focus on your organizational objectives. As one of the world’s largest integrated communications providers, AT&T provides a rich ecosystem of cybersecurity technologies and strategic alliances, global oversight, and threat intelligence to help protect your entire enterprise. AT&T Cybersecurity can help to provide that your company cyber strategy is in lockstep with your company goals.

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AT&T Cybersecurity your business can achieve the cyber risk and strategy results that directly impact your organizations. AT&T Cybersecurity brings together people, process, and technology for a comprehensive and virtually seamless approach to cybersecurity. AT&T security consultants have experience handling large, complex infrastructure solution deployments that follow industry best practices and a standardized methodology to help reduce risks and speed deployment of your end-to-end security solution.

Be ready for what’s next

With AT&T Cybersecurity’s experience and expertise on your side, you can build your security architecture, make informed cybersecurity decisions and improve your resilience in the face of ever-growing cyber threats. AT&T Cybersecurity’s industry leading insights and expertise will help you determine and implement the best security approach for what’s on the horizon - across data, network, and devices. AT&T Cybersecurity will equip you with the risk strategy to help prevent, detect and respond to the threats that face your business.

Products and Services

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Strategy and Roadmap Planning

Delivers the expert resources, knowledge, and methodology to build a unified security program.

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Enterprise Security Assessment Services

Help prepare your organization against persistent cyberattacks by identifying gaps in your environment.

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Risk Based Cyber Posture Assessment

Get a quick assessment and make plans to address gaps

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Security Compliance

Can help you adhere to regulatory compliance and meet strategic business objectives.

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Vulnerability Scanning

Can rapidly scan systems and applications to identify potential exposure or vulnerabilities.

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Penetration Testing

See how your security holds up to real-world scenarios while working towards compliance

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Adversary Simulation Services

Lets customers test their security operations and detection capabilities

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Cybersecurity IQ Training

Measure and improve your org’s cybersecurity awareness

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