Risk-Based Vulnerability Management: Protecting Your Business Outcomes

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New attack vectors are identified daily! Threat actors are actively seeking ways to breach your network; whether through an expanded attack surface of IoT devices, changing operational priorities, or adoption of emerging technologies. With every change comes the risk that a new flaw or configuration issue will provide a threat actor with the final link in their attack chain.

To help mitigate the risk of attack via these new vectors, organizations should investigate a vulnerability management platform that is architected to have visibility, an improved prioritization of vulnerabilities, and automation of remediation. Changes in the way software is developed and released, specifically via containers and cloud, is precipitating the evolution in vulnerability management.

Join Bindu Sundaresan and Clint Harris of AT&T Cybersecurity Consulting along with John Stahmann from Digital Defense, Inc. to discuss:

  • Why vulnerability management is an important component in the modern application lifecycle
  • How a vulnerability management platform can help to reduce risk and deliver positive business outcomes
  • Why orchestration and automation are important part of vulnerability management
  • How to drive operational efficiency into your cybersecurity budget

Meet Your Hosts:

Bindu Sundaresan

Director at AT&T Cybersecurity

Clint Harris

Principle Architect Cyber as a Service

John Stahmann

Director of Sales Engineering at Digital Defense, Inc