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Penetration testing services

Work towards satisfying PCI DSS penetration testing requirements and evaluate how your organization's security holds up to real-world scenarios.

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Accelerate PCI DSS compliance readiness with pen testing

As a qualified third party provider, AT&T Cybersecurity Consulting can complete internal and external penetration testing of your cardholder data environment (CDE) at the appropriate depth to work toward meeting PCI DSS requirements.

Experienced AT&T consultants deliver a comprehensive report of verified exploitable vulnerabilities and other issues uncovered in your environment, giving you the guidance you need to prioritize and complete required remediation activities.

Work towards meeting penetration testing requirements for compliance regulations such as PCI DSS

Identify and evaluate key attack vectors an attacker could use to compromise your organization’s critical data and assets

Understand the full business impact of a real-world attack

Gain a thorough, third-party understanding of your organization’s security posture

Benefit from expert guidance on prioritization and remediation from AT&T Cybersecurity Consulting

How it works

Test internal and external networks

Test your internal and external networks with a combination of automated sweeps and detailed manual testing performed by AT&T consultants. Benefit from AT&T consultants’ custom tools and advanced manual testing techniques, which can help reduce false positives and uncover complex, emerging, or obscure vulnerabilities that automated scans alone often miss.

Assess your defenses

Validate the effectiveness of your security controls during a simulated attack to learn how to strengthen your security posture. Discover not only how an attacker might breach your existing defenses, but how deeply they can penetrate your environment while escaping detection.

Evaluate potential exploits

Understand how an attacker might breach your defenses by testing the feasibility of different attack vectors, including multiple attack vectors at once. Evaluate how deeply an experienced, motivated attacker can penetrate your environment using security weaknesses that automated tools might miss, such as by exploiting a high-risk vulnerability created from a sequence of lower-risk vulnerabilities.

Document essential security gaps

Receive a comprehensive report of identified vulnerabilities, including assessments of potential impact, exploit likelihood, effort to remediate, and recommended remediation path.

Work with security experts

Work with expert AT&T consultants with years of penetration testing experience, including deep familiarity with how organizations run and how attackers operate. AT&T consultants can walk you through the process used to break through your defenses, as well as articulate the magnitude of the impact to your organization and help you understand and prioritize remediation efforts.

Understand potential damages

Assess the magnitude of the organizational impact a breach might cause, including how effectively an attacker might compromise your organization’s most critical assets. Drive security priorities based on organizational risk, with expert guidance from AT&T consultants.

Prioritize remediation efforts

Utilize prioritization and remediation guidance from expert AT&T consultants to determine your highest priorities for remediation.

Satisfy PCI DSS pen test requirements

Achieve the appropriate depth of internal and external penetration testing to meet PCI DSS requirements with help from experienced AT&T consultants. Receive a detailed report of exploitable vulnerabilities, including prioritization and remediation guidance to help you meet vulnerability correction requirements.

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