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Cybersecurity IQ Training

Measure and improve the cybersecurity awareness of your organization.

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Breaches are often due to negligent employees, contractors, or other third parties. This makes it critical to consider the human element of the attack surface when working to improve your organization's security posture and reduce your cyber risks.

Our IQ Training is comprised of 18 video training lessons and quizzes,including modules for PCI DSS and HIPAA. Designed to be engaging, educational, and impactful, the lessons provide learners with a basic understanding of how their actions
impact security within the organization. More importantly, employees are educated on best practices and individual accountability in maintaining security.

  • Improve and measure the human element of security, which is often the weakest link
  • Establish a benchmark for organization and individual security awareness and continually measure improvements against it
  • Address compliance requirements for security awareness training and internal policies

Cybersecurity IQ Training modules

  • PCI security standards
  • Acceptable use of computer systems
  • Password development and security
  • Safe web browsing habits
  • Onsite social engineering
  • Physical security and removable media
  • Defining the security landscape
  • Preventing virus and malware outbreaks
  • Security practices for the internet of things
  • Security protocols regarding HIPAA
  • Mobile device security
  • Installing software from unknown sources
  • Social media dangers
  • Remote social engineering
  • Executive cyber defense (optional)
  • Security of protected data
  • Defending against cyber fraud
  • Using cloud services

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