IoT Security: The Road to Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

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Manufacturing is changing before our eyes – whether it is a large-scale production line for cars or the production of precise medical equipment. The production line is now a multi-dimensional experience equipped with sensors and cameras to detect defects early, with the ability to remediate that defect in near real time. This evolution in technology has been instrumental in reducing the cost of production and improving customer experience.

The internet of things (IoT) in a 5G world is helping improve the quality of manufacturing over ultra-high bandwidth connections. However, those IoT devices that are driving so much efficiency and insight for the business present a considerable risk due to an expanded attack surface for adversaries seeking to breach your network to disrupt production or even to exfiltrate one of your most valuable resources – your data. Protecting your IT/OT systems is critical for building a robust manufacturing environment while utilizing the latest technology.

Join Justin Sowder, with Check Point and Theresa Lanowitz from AT&T Cybersecurity for an informative 30-minute conversation about the changing face of manufacturing, enabled by IoT, and learn how you can proactively lead digital transformation activities with a security-first mindset to help drive desired business outcomes.

Justin and Theresa will discuss:

  • How manufacturing is adapting to new demands through use of innovative technologies
  • Why IoT is a key enabler for digital transformation and why the expanded attack surface should be proactively managed
  • How security can both boost and preserve productivity in manufacturing

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Meet Your Hosts:

Justin Sowder

Security Architect – IoT/ICS, Check Point

Theresa Lanowitz

Director, AT&T Cybersecurity