Securing the new everywhere workplace in a 5G enabled world

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In this new hyper connected world, businesses are using technology to access information faster, enable all new experiences, and build stronger collaboration across both humans and machines- no matter where they are located. But this hyper connected world has also led to an explosion of devices that need to be monitored, managed, and secured creating challenges for businesses to maximize the value of these 5G enabled world.

In order to best streamline this new environment, businesses need to take a Zero Trust approach with the endpoints accessing their network. Zero Trust strategies require visibility into what endpoints are on your network and limiting users’ access to only those applications and systems needed to perform their job. Finally, keeping up with the latest cyber threats and application updates before bad actors take advantage of security gaps can make staying ahead a never-ending challenge.

During this webinar, join Jay Bhansali, Sr. Director Product Marketing, Ivanti and Theresa Lanowitz of AT&T Cybersecurity to learn how implementing a successful Zero Trust approach is possible in this 5G world and managing and securing endpoints can be streamlined so that you can stay focused on business outcomes.

  • Securing the everywhere workplace with a Zero Trust approach
  • Driving efficiency by eliminating passwords with Zero Sign-On
  • Reducing risk and remaining compliant by closing the applicationpatching gap
  • Protecting against the latest cyberthreats in this new 5G world

Meet Your Hosts:

Jay Bhansali

Sr. Director Product Marketing, Ivanti

Theresa Lanowitz

Director, AT&T Cybersecurity