Endpoint security in an age of digital transformation

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The possibilities for business digital transformation continue to grow. As more opportunities emerge, so does the need for understanding which technologies are right for your business. Regardless of which solutions you choose or how you evolve your network, one aspect is guaranteed – the number of endpoints will increase. And while this means your business can do more with more speed and agility, it also means that there are more entry points for cyber criminals to breach your network. 

Yes, this can seem overwhelming. But with the right factors in mind, your cybersecurity strategy can be simplified to address multiple network security concerns, including safeguarding your network from cyberattacks such as malware. It may also improve the performance of your security team and be intuitive, flexible, and agile so that as your business grows, your security is sustainable as well.

In this white paper, we discuss:

  • Factors that are accelerating digital transformation such as 5G, the cloud, and edge computing
  • Recommendations for how to move forward with digital transformation and do so securely
  • How to know what’s connected to your network, despite the ever-increasing addition of endpoints
  • Best practices for endpoint detection and more

Making the most of digital transformation is essential for growth on today’s business landscape. While it can seem like a big task, there are steps you can take to make the right decisions to move forward. Download this white paper to learn how to protect endpoints and your business and improve the performance of your network security.