Zero Trust Fundamentals

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Organizations globally, are embracing Zero Trust (ZT) as a meaningful, strategic approach to security, whether deploying ZT as part of a digital transformation initiative or to better protect an increasingly distributed network and workforce. However, many security leaders continue to struggle with where to start on their ZT journey and how to provide for a successful roll out.

Join AT&T Cybersecurity for an expert session on how to best prepare, smartly plan for achieving Zero Trust and learning:

  • Who to put on your Zero Trust team to help work toward success
  • What essential factors must be considered ahead of time
  • Where to start when assessing your organization's readiness for Zero Trust
  • Why Zero Trust strategy and planning must happen from the inside out
  • How to avoid common pitfalls when starting (or continuing) your progression to ZT targets

Meet Your Hosts:

Bindu Sundaresan

Director, AT&T Cybersecurity

Derrick Johnson

Practice Director, Cybersecurity Consulting