Unlocking the power of XDR with a managed service

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Extended detection and response, or XDR, is a holistic approach that promises a faster and more efficient way to detect and respond to threats. Some vendors are opting to acquire their XDR capabilities and driving toward single-vendor, or native, platforms, while others are taking an open approach and relying on integrations with security tools from different vendors to deliver their solutions.  

Join this 30-minute session to learn more about the two approaches to XDR and find out how XDR as a managed service can help you meet your business objectives. The session will conclude with a brief demonstration of managed XDR at work.  


Join us to gain insight into:

  • What’s driving the need for XDR? 
  • Native vs. open XDR 
  • The value of working with a managed service provider 
  • Demonstration of managed XDR 


Meet Your Hosts:

Belinda Streak

Lead Product Marketing Manager, AT&T Cybersecurity

Rakesh Shah

Director Product Management and Development, AT&T Cybersecurity