Are Your Endpoints Secured and Ready for Work in a 5G World?

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Today many businesses are connected! Yes, people are connected via laptops, tablets, and smart phones – but many businesses are also connected in other ways. For example, manufacturing lines for some businesses are automated and connected through a series of sensors and cameras. These new and unique connections are happening through endpoints of all types – endpoints with humans such as laptops and endpoints that are autonomous such as IoT endpoints that are continuously collecting data. And, we are seeing a surge in endpoints as more businesses adopt and implement 5G and edge networking. But more endpoints mean an expanded attack surface into your network that can take just a fraction of a second to compromise.

Are you prepared to protect your endpoints at the speed and pace of this 5G world? Do you have the right technical staff and solutions in place to automate security policies across a variety of endpoints? If even one of your endpoints is compromised, is your business resilient enough to overcome the breach?

Join us to gain insight into:

  • Why speed is key to protecting your endpoints
  • Why protection against ransomware and business continuity matters in today’s competitive world
  • Why using a managed security service to protect your endpoints helps your business act faster and with greater confidence

Join Jared Phipps, SVP Solutions Engineering at SentinelOne and Theresa Lanowitz of AT&T Cybersecurity as they discuss how to protect and manage your endpoints to deliver strong business outcomes.