Enabling secure and accessible healthcare networks with SASE

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Patient care is more dependent on technology than ever. The internet, cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), databases, applications, and digital services have become essential elements in saving lives, improving patient outcomes, expanding quality and continuity of care, and enabling greater efficiencies. However, this growing reliance on modern technology and the internet gives cyber-attackers larger attack surfaces and presents significant cybersecurity challenges.

The safety and availability of life-changing and preserving technology must be top priorities for healthcare providers, hospitals, payers, regulators, manufacturers, and those providing third-party support. Healthcare stakeholders need to adopt innovative technologies without being constrained by security concerns, increasing the risks of patient harm, or compromising critical healthcare systems. And they must implement a cybersecurity strategy that fosters technology adoption while ensuring patient safety, quality of care, service availability, and personal and sensitive information protection.

This is where secure access service edge (SASE) comes in. SASE is a new approach to networking and security that converges software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) and security services into a single cloud-delivered service so life-changing technologies are available when needed.

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