Mitigate cyber risk with AT&T Cybersecurity Solutions

Video Transcript

As the digital age accelerates business transformation, it also enables increasingly sophisticated cyber crime. The growing prevalence of cyber crime as a service has heightened the risk to today’s companies. With a security perimeter that blurs across mobile endpoints, networks, and the cloud, you need an innovative provider to help see to it that your business is fully protected. AT&T Cybersecurity combines the intelligence, solutions, and managed services required to help identify your cyber risks, protect your assets and critical data.

We begin by identifying every asset on site and in the cloud and tagging it to the associated business unit, application, cloud service provider, and responsible individual. Then we classify your data based on its value and your risk tolerance and assign corresponding security controls around it.

We further help to strengthen your defenses by layering our Threat Manager solution to quickly detect the latest threats and patch vulnerabilities to help prevent attacks from succeeding. With virtualized controls embedded into our global network, you can dynamically orchestrate your cybersecurity strategy from virtually anywhere you are to help reach and protect every edge of your business.

Our award winning solutions help you identify, manage, and mitigate your cybersecurity risks. Contact your AT&T representative today.

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