Cybersecurity & Healthcare

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Cybercriminals have discovered the value of the medical records and private data healthcare organizations hold.

The healthcare industry is aware of the target they’ve become. But most institutions face significant constraints. Small budgets, outdated IT architecture, staff with low security awareness, and industry-specific compliance regulations all contribute to their security concerns. Despite the challenges, organizations are grasping the need to accelerate adoption of cybersecurity best practices to enhance protection of patient data, endpoints, and mission-critical systems.

In this cybersecurity in healthcare eBook, you’ll learn:

  • The technological and cultural drivers of how and why breaches occur
  • The form and consequences many of attacks take–email phishing, unauthorized medical device access, and loss/theft of equipment and data–along with possible prevention
  • Breaches are expensive; explore the cost impact of a healthcare data breach
  • 10 steps your organization can take to protect your healthcare technology environment

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