Closing the mobile security gap

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The proliferation of mobile devices provides greater flexibility, enhanced communication, and new opportunities for collaboration. At the same time, they expose new threats and vulnerabilities that can put your enterprise, employee, and customer data at risk.

In the mobile world, the traditional enterprise security perimeter no longer exists. As a result, traditional security tools and the legacy approach of securing mobile devices is no longer valid.

A modern cybersecurity architecture must reflect the reality of today’s enterprise with its comprehensive approach to protecting sensitive data:

  • Treats data accessed by both mobile and traditional endpoints with equal and appropriate risk profiles
  • Requires purpose-built tools to secure the data accessed by each
  • Understands mobile phishing is a significant enterprise security challenge

This paper also explores the four stages of the Mobile Endpoint Security Maturity Model.

While mobile devices open up new possibilities, they demand a new approach to cybersecurity. Download your copy today to learn more.