Zero Trust for Mature Organizations

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Enterprise adoption of the Zero Trust (ZT) security model is growing as part of critical initiatives to mitigate cyber risk. With its different lens to data and network security, Zero Trust holds the promise of vastly enhanced usability, data protection, and governance.

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Hear about what we can do for customers as they are working through their Zero Trust strategy. Implementing Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) is a journey and requires considerable planning and an incremental approach to achieve the desired architecture. How a company migrates to ZTA is largely dependent on existing security posture and operations. A thorough assessment of an enterprise's posture needs to be performed to effectively guide future processes and make sure that there is alignment.

Join AT&T Cybersecurity for an expert session on how to best prepare and smartly plan for achieving Zero Trust.

Meet Your Hosts:

Bindu Sundaresan

Director, AT&T Cybersecurity

Derek Johnson

Practice Director, Cybersecurity Consulting