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Extended detection and response, or XDR, is a holistic approach to threat detection and response. It helps break down security silos by collecting and correlating network endpoint, and cloud telemetry from across the attack surface in one centralized location. 

By opting for an open XDR solution, you get the freedom of a vendor-neutral platform that enables you to integrate smoothly with best-of-breed tools. Add into the mix a managed XDR service, and you can protect users, devices, and security tools across your organization with automated and orchestrated response actions that can be executed with a click of a button.

In this ebook, we take a deep dive into what open XDR is, and we share how LevelBlue Managed XDR can help to protect your business around the clock. Download today and find out how:

  • Multiple solutions working as one help keep your network and data safe
  • Advanced endpoint security helps to tackle the more sophisticated attacker
  • An agile, automated approach will better enable you to defend your data and network