Securing 5G: The Future of Enterprise Connectivity

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We are at a time of incredible business transformation. Around the world, businesses are in the process of researching, implementing, and completing adoption of new technologies such as 5G and IoT. As you continue to execute on your digital transformation journey, how are you helping to provide that these new technologies that help drive better business outcomes are highly secure?  

Today, we are shaping the business of the future. Understanding how the business is transforming, and how industries are adopting digitization enabled by 5G is important to help protect your business from adversaries.

Using new technologies help to allow business models to pivot, but the security of assets such as data, applications, systems, and endpoints are important in making sure the business builds trust with its customers.

Join us to gain insight into:

  • Preparing for adoption of new technologies, 5G and IoT
  • Managing cybersecurity practices, policies, and procedures in a world of new technology
  • Extending zero trust security to 5G networks

Join Sree Koratala, VP Product Management at Palo Alto Networks, and Theresa Lanowitz of AT&T Cybersecurity as they discuss what the new connected world looks like and how to help navigate its security.

Meet Your Hosts:

Sree Koratala

VP Product Management at Palo Alto Networks

Theresa Lanowitz

Director at AT&T Cybersecurity