Help prevent DDoS attacks with our DDoS Defense Service

Video Transcript

More than ever, Distributed Denial of Service attacks are among the most disruptive and vicious activities passing over the internet. DDoS attacks can overwhelm web servers and saturate your company’s connections to the internet, costing you time and money.

The AT&T Cybersecurity DDoS Defense Service line helps prevent DDoS attacks from crippling your business. This line includes a fully managed service or a bandwidth based AT&T Reactive DDoS Defense Service.

With our full featured, fully managed AT&T DDoS Defense Service, we help detect and mitigate attack traffic. During 24x7 monitoring, alerts signal that your resources may be under attack or malicious activity is increasing. If you opt for our bandwidth-based Reactive DDoS Service, you simply contact the AT&T Cybersecurity Threat Management Center when you identify a potential attack.

To mitigate an attack, we rapidly implement a predefined plan, built around your preferences. It may include fully automated processes or require consultation with you prior to performing any action.

Using threat intelligence gathered from the vast AT&T network, we apply the most fitting counter measures, such as Zombie Detection or TCP Connection Reset. Sophisticated behavioral analytics also help us identify an appropriate response to help neutralize the attack. Mitigation devices then filter out malicious packets in the AT&T cloud, so that only valid traffic passes through to your servers without interruption.

Get the protection you need. Let AT&T Cybersecurity DDoS Defense services help protect against these attacks, before they impact your network, your servers….and your business.

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