A modern architecture to enable and protect the remote workforce

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While the concept of remote work isn’t new, COVID-19 certainly accelerated the pace of change. Digital transformation initiatives were expedited. Consumers and businesses demanded more digital interactions to replace those commonly occurring face to face. Nearly overnight, businesses around the world created work-from-home infrastructure and policies to ensure the health and safety of their employees, their families, and communities.

New and more efficient ways of doing business have emerged, opportunities to enhance the customer experience have been identified, and businesses have uncovered new means of competitive advantage. But all of it comes at a price. As more organizations rapidly adopt cloud strategies and services, corporate networks are increasingly decentralized, and their legacy approaches to networking and security are tested in ways they weren’t designed to withstand.

In this white paper we discuss:

  • The limitations of legacy remote access solutions
  • How attempts to overcome these limitations can create new challenges to security
  • How a cloud delivered approach helps organizations efficiently support users that work from virtually anywhere