Innovate Safely and Securely at the Edge

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Security is at the center of digital transformation efforts. Part of those digital transformation allow for innovation at the edge with new network architectures and use cases..

While transformational for the business, edge use cases need to be secured from the beginning and with the appropriate cybersecurity controls. The stakes are too high to ignore security – networks are always available, users and data are everywhere – and need to be safe and secure. Securing the edge means having automated and pro-active approaches.

Without a doubt, edge computing has tremendous momentum and is being adopted across industries to remain competitive. How can organizations lead with a security mindset, build security for the edge from the onset of the project, and adjust the types of network functions and security controls to advance business goals?

Join us to gain insight into:

  • What the common characteristics of an edge deployment is
  • How to innovate safely at the edge
  • Why traditional cybersecurity practices are evolving

Join Patrick Sullivan, CTO Security Strategy at Akamai and Theresa Lanowitz, Head of Cybersecurity Evangelism, AT&T Business as they discuss the rapid movement to the edge and the how to innovate with speed and security.