AT&T Dedicated Internet, AT&T Premises Based Firewall, and AT&T DDoS Defense Service

Video Transcript

Fast, reliable internet connectivity is the lifeline of your business, connecting you to customers, other business entities and employees. But that same lifeline can be exploited by malicious actors who can cripple your operations, steal your data, and potentially destroy those critical relationships that your business thrives upon.

What if you could have dedicated, internet access that is protected by leading firewall and DDoS attack mitigation services to help provide your business with 24/7 availability…and the security it needs? You can. AT&T Dedicated Internet provides a high speed, dedicated symmetrical internet connection backed by stringent reliability and performance Service Level Agreements.

AT&T Premises-Based Firewall Service offers fully managed end-to-end firewall security to monitor traffic, block intruders and help protect your valuable business information.

And…AT&T DDoS Defense services help you filter out attack traffic before it overwhelms your connections and costs you money.

Working together on our integrated platform, these three solutions offer the speed and connectivity required to help accelerate your business with the confidence that your vital assets are protected.

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