Strong third-party test results confirm LevelBlue as XDR leader

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LevelBlue's USM Anywhere open XDR platform was recently independently evaluated, and the results are impressive.

Third-party testing organization SecureIQLab rigorously tested USM Anywhere across multiple attack scenarios that incorporated a wide range of real-world threats and attack stages.

USM Anywhere proved it's up for the challenge with an overall score of 96.3%!

Other highlights include:

  • 97.6% for ability to accurately detect, correlate, and classify threats
  • 97.6% for ability to perform incident management and response
  • 100% Resistance to False Positives
  • 99.8% for ability to filter noise and provide context for actionable alerts

Download the report and see for yourself that what we say about our XDR technology is more than just marketing hype!

XDR Report