Looking Ahead with Cybersecurity

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We are entering a new era of computing underpinned by 5G networks that offer lower latency and higher bandwidth. In this new era, organizations of all types and sizes are moving away from big monolithic applications to “things enabled” computing experiences that are fully democratized.

In this new era of computing, expect to see small, high-quality, ephemeral, and data-focused applets that live at the edge. For this innovation to be successful, the new paradigm needs a proactive stance on security. The stakes are too high for reactionary security decisions.

How are you thinking about cybersecurity for the future of your business? Are you thinking about the transition through the lens of security along with risk-appetite, innovation goals, and network strategy?

Join Digital Defense, by HelpSystems, Juniper Networks, and RedShield for a lively panel discussion hosted by AT&T Business on looking ahead with cybersecurity. The session focuses on:

  • What the cybersecurity needs of the future look like
  • Why cybersecurity is a continued journey
  • How new use cases at the edge are driving innovation and security