Focusing on Cyber Resilience, Not Just Security

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As digital transformation accelerates, many IT leaders struggle to maintain visibility over their IT estate. With the integration of proprietary and open-source software, legacy solutions, and cloud computing, the landscape is more complex than ever.

Despite the challenges, IT leaders recognize the positive outcomes of these changes. However, 85% acknowledge that the trade-off is increased risk.

The LevelBlue 2024 FuturesTM Report research explores the intricate relationship between the barriers to cyber resilience and cybersecurity resilience and how businesses prioritize them.

In this report, you will learn:

  • Why both business and tech leaders must prioritize cyber resilience.
  • The critical barriers to achieving cyber resilience.
  • The challenges that impact cybersecurity resilience.
  • The operational issues that arise when prioritizing resilience within a business context.
  • Emerging trends that could affect cyber resilience.

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