AT&T Cybersecurity insights report volume 8.5: SHIELDS down

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Today, the security landscape is growing increasingly treacherous as hackers of every type continue to evolve their attack strategies to evade detection while maximizing profit from their time and efforts.

Organizations need to be increasingly proactive in approach to cybersecurity to keep up with the constantly evolving threats.

In this report, you’ll learn key finding distilled from IT pros assessments of their own practices, strategies, and concerns about security, including:

  • One of the most widely observed objectives of attacking an organization’s cloud infrastructure has been for cryptocurrency mining
  • Organizations are putting themselves, their partners, and their customers in an excessively vulnerable position by not taking a more thorough and proactive approach to detection and response
  • The volume, potency and imperceptible nature of today’s attacks make it more difficult than ever to identify a threat
  • Less than a third (29%) said that they pen tested 1 or more times a year—the timeframe generally recommended by security experts

Explore what you can do to better protect yourself from attacks happening today, as well as how you can be better prepared for the threats of tomorrow.