AT&T Cybersecurity Insights™ Report: Security at the Speed of 5G

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Security leaders understand 5G technology is on the horizon—but how much do they truly understand about the technology? And are they prepared for the cybersecurity implications, including the new technologies and explosion of IoT devices?

The AT&T Cybersecurity Insights Report: Security at the Speed of 5G is well positioned to explore these questions and challenges. We surveyed respondents with direct knowledge or decision-making responsibilities for their organization’s 5G security plans.

You’ll get to see organizations’ 5G cybersecurity preparedness responses, followed by gap analysis on what’s possibly being overlooked, and recommendations for strengthening 5G security efforts. Key findings include:

  • An apparent discrepancy between enterprises feeling prepared and actually being prepared
  • Key technology areas are receiving lower priority than they should in many implementation plans
  • Virtualization and SDN capabilities will be powerful elements of the 5G cybersecurity strategy

Download this report to learn the current posture and plans of the cybersecurity industry as they relate to the impact of 5G; and you’ll be able to explore how your organization’s plans account for the gaps and recommendations we’ve identified.