2022 Securing the Edge: Focus on SLED

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The effective use of technology in SLED (state and local government and education), including new technology used in edge computing, is deeply dependent on citizens trusting that their digital interactions are safe and secure.

Edge computing allows for a wide variety of innovative use cases that at their core, consume, process, and create data. In addition, the proper management and monitoring of that attack surface becomes even more critical with the use of near-real-time analytics on data.

This paper, which is drawn from the broader and more comprehensive 2022 AT&T Cybersecurity Insights Report: Securing the Edge, reveals that 82% of respondents are planning, have partially, or have fully implemented an edge use case.

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  • What cybersecurity control options (multiple, dedicated or combined) SLED leaders are choosing
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  • What are our recommendations to ensure CIOs and CISO are successful during the planning and implementation stages.