Planning your Business Future with Cybersecurity

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The world is at a technological inflection point. With the advent of 5G networks delivering lower latency and higher bandwidth our expectations and experiences of what technology can enable is about to change. Businesses are adopting 5G to remain competitive and previously unimagined use cases will become the norm.

As businesses continue to redefine the edge, whether it is in the cloud, in your city, in your home, or a wearable – protecting the data, applications, and endpoints that drive these new technology experiences is a top priority.

How are you thinking about cybersecurity for the future of your business? Are you prepared for the future? Cybersecurity continues to grow in importance and every business, regardless of size or market segment, needs to be ready for the future and protect what matters.

Join Check Point Software Technologies, Fortinet, Lookout, McAfee for a lively panel discussion hosted by AT&T Business on cybersecurity needs of the future. The session focuses on:

  • How our business plans today can prepare us for tomorrow
  • What the cybersecurity needs of the future look like
  • Why cybersecurity is a continued journey


  • Theresa Lanowitz, AT&T - Head of Cybersecurity Evangelism 
  • Pete Nicoletti, Check Point Software Technologies - Field Chief Information Security Officer 
  • Jonathan Nguyen-Duy, Fortinet - Vice President, Field CISO Strategic Services 
  • Raj Samani, McAfee Enterprise - Chief Scientist & Fellow for Cybersecurity Firm McAfee 
  • Hank Schless, Lookout - Senior Manager of Security Solutions