Discover how edge computing is coming of age

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Join Chris Goettl, VP of Product Management for Security Products at Ivanti, and Theresa Lanowitz, Head Evangelist for AT&T, and discover how edge computing is coming of age.

During our discussion, we’ll dig into insights that may surprise you, like the most and least likely attack types switching places over the years, and we identify which security measures are most effective to implement and why.

The edge computing journey is a collaborative endeavor that begins to erode organizational silos and foster closer working relationships among different shareholders in organizations. You’ll discover how these changes increase resilience and improve security – critical elements for delivering safe, effective edge solutions.

The discussion will also cover other research results, including:

  • The business drivers for edge use cases.
  • The top use cases being deployed and planned.
  • How budgets are shifting to support and secure these initiatives.

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