Is Cyber as a Service the Answer to “Move Faster and Do More”?

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Cybersecurity services are changing, especially cybersecurity consulting. Vendors are quickly adapting service delivery models as they look to better support digital-first business and security leaders tasked with driving business innovation and growth by going faster, being more agile, and doing more with fewer people.

New models like “cybersecurity as a service,” are emerging, aimed at addressing such challenges as the need for continuous risk and compliance management, greater competition for cybersecurity staff, immediate access to cyber expertise, and year-round incident preparation and response.

How is this subscription-based cybersecurity solution different from traditional managed security services? Join us to learn what is cybersecurity as a service and why this new model is gaining traction. Hear stories from the field and gain insight on how digital-first models are driving changes in security approaches and security service delivery, including:

  • How the last three years have changed mindsets in terms of security and digital transformation
  • Why security leaders are increasingly focused on driving continuous risk and compliance management
  • What are the best approaches to working with a provider for augmenting cybersecurity staff and expertise

Meet Your Hosts:

Todd Waskelis

Managing Director, AT&T Cybersecurity Services

Bindu Sundaresan

Director, AT&T Cybersecurity