Why third-party risk assessments matter for compliance & risk management

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Creating and maintaining third-party relationships are associated with multiple risks. Risks include data compromise, illegal use of information by third parties, the detrimental and damaging effects of non-compliance, and irregularities in supply chain management.

Exchanging operational data and confidential information with third parties can make that data and information vulnerable to misuse and exploitation, adding risk to the equation.

In today's complex, outsourced environment, it's critical to step up Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) initiatives to protect both reputation and revenue, gain a clear view of the third-party ecosystem, and adopt a proactive approach to manage associated risks.

Join this webinar with AT&T Cybersecurity Consulting and FortifyData to learn:

  • Some insights and best practices around managing supply chain cyber risk given the supply chain transformation that has taken place.
  • How next-generation third-party cyber risk management is a powerful strategy that every business should have in their arsenal.

Meet Your Hosts:

Bindu Sundaresan

Director at AT&T Cybersecurity

Carisa Brockman

Risk Advisory at AT&T Cybersecurity

Jake Johnson

VP Strategic Partnerhips at FortifyData