Fireside Chat: Diving into Software, SASE and Security

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We are living in a software-defined world – our applications, infrastructure, network, and security controls are all built by software that is nimble and resilient. And, to add even more excitement to a software-defined world, we are embarking on a new era of compute being led by 5G and edge computing. To deliver the best possible user experience, data will live at the edge and the creation and consumption of that data will be faster than previously imagined.

Today, with virtually a blank slate to create new software-driven business ideas, organizations are realizing the walls of the enterprise have been shattered, the traditional compute device has morphed to include  a wide variety of IoT devices, and all of this must be highly secure. With the journey to the edge underway, organizations are moving to security frameworks such as Zero Trust and SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) to help protect the boundary-less enterprise. What do these frameworks mean to your enterprise as you adapt to new business models and new revenue streams?

With businesses wanting to gain a competitive advantage using 5G and edge computing, it is important to include security in the process. How is your organization securing the edge? How are you thinking about delivering near real-time immersive experiences that are highly secure?

Join us to gain insight into:

  • Why Zero Trust matters moving forward
  • Why SASE is a logical step in the next era of compute
  • Why what you do today will impact the security of your data, applications, assets, and systems in the future

Join Patrick Sullivan, CTO of Security Strategy at Akamai, and Theresa Lanowitz of AT&T Cybersecurity as they discuss what this new world of edge computing looks like and how to help make it highly secure.

Meet Your Hosts:

Patrick Sullivan

CTO of Security Strategy, Akamai

Theresa Lanowitz

Director, AT&T Cybersecurity