Is Your Cybersecurity Fast, Scalable, and Accurate?

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It is no secret that cyber-attacks occur swiftly, often without warning, and can be devastating to a business that is unprepared. Threats are constantly evolving, and the more democratized computing becomes, the more important it is to be able to innovate against cyber threats quickly, at scale, and with precision.

Cybersecurity practices for a new era of compute are critical for protecting and securing the digital assets of a company; regardless of where those assets reside. The growing complexity of computing that every organization is experiencing means that monitoring and mitigating cyber incidents requires more automation, more analytics, more visibility.

As edge computing becomes the norm, how can an organization advance its business goals while acting with confidence in the face of a cyber-attack? How can an organization be proactive enough to continuously learn about impending threats and use that data to ultimately protect its digital assets?

Join us to gain insight into:

·        What the common characteristics of an edge deployment is

·        Why speed and precision are key to protecting your assets

·        What technologies are common targets for adversaries?

·        Why traditional cybersecurity practices are evolving

Join Keith Weisman, Vice President Sales Engineering, North America at SentinelOne and Theresa Lanowitz, Head of Cybersecurity Evangelism, AT&T Business as they discuss how to make sure your cybersecurity practices are fast, scalable, and accurate to prevent threats today and tomorrow.

Meet Your Hosts:

Theresa Lanowitz

Head of Cybersecurity Evangelism, AT&T Business

Keith Weisman

Vice President Sales Engineering, North America at SentinelOne