Securing your mobile workforce with strong mobile defense

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Mobile devices have dramatically enhanced an organization’s ability to perform, and in some cases, have enabled all new business models to emerge. This next generation mobile workforce also exposes business data to more risks making mobile devices one of today’s most significant security challenges. Hackers have evolved to bypass traditional security controls that don’t account for mobile operating systems and leave businesses vulnerable to attacks.

Because of this changing mobile landscape, mobility must be treated as an inherent characteristic of the organization and integral to effective cybersecurity practices. Businesses must evaluate the unique needs of mobile devices to both operate as enablers of productivity while being properly secured from emerging threats when accessing sensitive data.

Join AT&T and Lookout to learn how to assess the performance and risks of mobile devices and how to create ongoing benchmarks of success.
In this webinar, we will explore:
  • The unique threats on mobile devices and mobile risk profiles
  • Ways to align mobile security to organizational performance outcomes including compliance requirements
  • Types of analysis needed to detect and manage risk on mobile devices
  • Ways to improve mobile security, limit risks, and improve productivity

Meet Your Hosts:

Lisa Ashjian

Product Marketing Manager, AT&T Cybersecurity

Clint Harris

Principle Architect, AT&T Business

Hank Schless

Director, Cybersecurity Consulting at AT&T Cybersecurity