Is Your Business Secure Enough to Work at the Edge?

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The world is moving to edge computing. Take a look around at how you live and work today. Chances are you living in a hybrid world with everything from how you work to how you shop to how your business operates its manufacturing environments. All of this is made possible because of edge computing.
Regardless of where you are on that edge journey, you need to think about securing how you work, how you shop, and how your business runs. Cyber threats run rampant in today’s digital world.
As you and your business prepare for the new digital world of edge, how can you advance your business goals while acting with confidence with the reality of cyber attacks looming at every seemingly possible step? How do you safeguard your digital assets to deliver strong business outcomes?
Join us to gain insight into:
· What edge computing is and means to your business
· How organizations are preparing for cybersecurity in an edge environment
· Why traditional cybersecurity practices are evolving and include a focus on Zero Trust
Join Justin Buchanan, Senior Director of Product Management Secure Firewall, Cisco and Theresa Lanowitz, Head of Cybersecurity Evangelism, AT&T Business as they discuss how to make sure your business is secure enough to work at the edge.