Retail Cybersecurity

Video Transcript

Networking technologies are transforming the retail landscape. A digital-first strategy can not only enhance your in-store customer experience, it can help you build and expand your online presence and brand visibility.

While this can be great for sales, it may also catch the eye of hackers looking for a new target to exploit. A simple spear phishing email disguised as a legitimate correspondence, can provide them with access to your servers, data and customer information. Weeks pass, and it’s now a popular holiday weekend. Your stores are bustling, and your online sales are above forecast. While most of your IT staff are away enjoying their weekend, those hackers are busy making copies of customer information stored on your company’s CRM system. With a stroke of a key they disable all digital in-store systems including displays, connected devices, and POS systems. At the same time, they launch a massive DDoS attack on your web servers, making your online store inaccessible. Your sales come to a screeching halt.

There is a better way to transform your retail customer experience while ensuring heightened security of your data and your customers. AT&T’s Integrated Architecture helps to identify vulnerabilities before they are exploited and attempted cyber-attacks can be detected before they are delivered. And because AT&T architects know retail and they are equipped with appropriate tools, it is possible to detect spikes in web traffic volumes and help to interpret when some of that traffic appears malicious.

When an attack occurs, we provide threat alerts and can quickly update firewall policies across your entire network or invoke other mitigation processes to lessen the impact of malicious activity.

With AT&T, you can build a networking platform based on performance with embedded security so that online shopping is continuous and malicious traffic is neutralized in the background.

Make the news with your earnings results not as a cyber attack victim. Work with AT&T Cybersecurity today to create engaging, and highly secure retail experience.

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