AT&T Network Based Firewall with NetBond® for Cloud

Video Transcript

In today’s global marketplace, shifting data and assets to the cloud has become an essential part of any company’s strategy to simplify operations and save money.

While the cloud holds great promise, it can also put your data and assets at risk, exposing them to malicious actors. AT&T NetBond for Cloud offers a scalable, predictable and highly secure private connection between your AT&T-provided Virtual Private Network service and leading cloud service providers. AT&T Network Based Firewall for NetBond for Cloud adds another layer for security by integrating firewall functionality within the private connection.

This solution provides the ability for customers to route traffic to specific Cloud Service Providers with Virtual LANs as needed…And to continuously inspect and filter inbound and outbound traffic within your NetBond for Cloud connections, according to your predefined security policies.

IDS/IPS attempts to match packet contents against known signatures as they pass through the firewall. If a match is made, the packet is immediately discarded, if directed by your policy. Web filtering allows you to restrict access and block downloads from prohibited web sites and malware scanning detects and blocks malicious software from entering your network.

And as your capacity needs grow, your NetBond for Cloud protection scales with it, so that you can take advantage of the cloud in a simple and highly secure manner.

Add another powerful layer to your overall defense strategy. Contact your AT&T representative today, to learn more.

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