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Extending threat detection and response through security orchestration and incident response automation.

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Extend your threat detection and response capabilities

Today’s constantly evolving threat landscape traps organizations in a “threat cycle.” As new threats emerge, new security technologies are needed to address them. Another threat emerges, another technology follows.

Stuck in this continuous threat cycle, organizations tend to amass disparate security point solutions. This leads to an IT security environment that is siloed, complex to integrate, and difficult to manage.

AlienApps™ break the threat cycle by extending the threat detection and security orchestration capabilities of the USM platform to other security and productivity tools that your IT team uses, providing a consolidated approach to threat detection and response.

With AlienApps, you can monitor more of your security posture directly within the USM platform. AlienApps also enable you to automate and orchestrate response actions when threats are detected, greatly simplifying and accelerating the threat detection and incident response processes.

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How AlienApps benefit you

Centralize your data

Centralize your data

Collect critical data from your on-premises, cloud infrastructure, and SaaS applications, making it easier and more efficient to respond to threats.

Respond to threats faster

Respond to threats faster

Communicate important security information back to your other IT and security tools, creating a closed loop threat detection and response process.

Data enrichment and analytics

Data enrichment and analytics

Enrich your data to help you capture, analyze, visualize, and respond to threats, improving your visibility into the latest threats and reducing the signal to noise ratio for better prioritization of threats which demand immediate attention.

Highly extensible architecture

Highly extensible architecture

Gain access to new security technologies easily to keep you ahead of the changing threat landscape without bringing on new security point products, solving the threat cycle dilemma and significantly improving your threat detection and response capabilities.

Orchestrate and automate

Orchestrate and automate

Orchestrate incident investigation and response activities when threats are detected, greatly simplifying and accelerating the threat detection and incident response processes.

Highly extensible architecture

Stay on top of the latest threats

Gain insights into trends and identify anomalies using the latest threat intelligence from AT&T Alien Labs.


Advanced AlienApps

In addition to the standard AlienApps functionality, Advanced AlienApps offer even more robust automation and orchestration capabilities. Advanced AlienApps collect and enrich log data, perform threat analysis, and provide workflow that coordinates response actions with third-party applications to provide security orchestration, allowing your IT team to take immediate action directly from the USM platform.

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Monitor your McAfee EPO activities directly in USM Anywhere. Analyze log data from EPO and be alerted to intrusions, malicious IPs, suspicious activities, and more.

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